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What is the EKAnomics Academy?


This is NOT another "Make Money Online" or "Sell whatever you want and make money dot com" course. Those new coaches are all over Facebook! There's a very selective process each applicant goes through before being granted admission. More importantly, our goal is to provide the system to take your business to another level.

EKAnomics Academy is a Five Week intensive Action Program that provides the proven steps for consultants, coaches and small business owners how to:

  1. Identify their perfect customers and clients
  2. Identify the best price point for your products and services
  3. Create the best systems to automate and deliver their products & services
  4. Generate high quality leads via Facebook ads, social media and live streaming
  5. Use psychological triggers and sales funnels to automate the sales process
  6. Handle selling, sales process, objections and what to do when a prospect says no!

Interested? Get started by discovering why you're not getting high paying customers and clients for your business and how to fix it!

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About Ebong Eka

Ebong Eka is a Certified Public Accountant, pricing expert, entrepreneur and small business expert who was recently named "one of the top Experts to follow on Entrepreneurship" by Business News Daily.

He is a bestselling author whose small business system is used by entrepreneurs and small business owners to start, grow and expand their businesses.  He regularly appears on MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business Channel, NBC and CNN.  Ebong is also an accomplished TEDx Speaker, motivational speaker, and Huffington Post Small Business Blogger.

He is the author of the international bestseller "Start Me Up! The No-Business-Plan, Business Plan!"

Ebong Eka has been featured in:

Tired of these Problems plaguing your Business?

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Does my business have to be a disruptor (special) to make it?

You don't have to be the first disruptor in business but you can ride that wave of disruption.

How? Ask yourself....

How can I improve the lives of your customers?

How can I use new ideas and technologies to deliver my services that solves a very painful problem for someone willing to pay for it.

Some will only rely on traditional methods to find putting ads in supermarket leaflets or shopping carts. You might as well put your ads and phone number in the yellow pages. (I literally was given a phone book last month...)

What technologies can I leverage to make lives easier?

If you want to stand out, and get into the minds of your customers and eventually raise your prices you have to deliver valuable content and invest in what you have to ride the waves of disruption.

How about you let me show you new and a much more effective and measurable way to find customers that will pay higher prices for the services you provide?

Starting a program in four weeks to work with service based business owners who want to find amazing customers and raise their prices in the process.

This isn't for everyone (some don't want to win despite their instagram & Facebook posts showing the contrary) and I will only be working with 30 people in a group setting.

We will follow a specific process from Start to Finish! As well as access to what I've done partnering with major brands like Bank of America and IBM.

Why? I'm constantly being asked for guidance and this is the best way to do it.

Want in?

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